We settled on a company name.

We're now Low Sodium Games. 
You shouldn't be so salty, it's a Low Sodium Game.

We previously were called "richCraft," (which was on our old boxart and was the name of our twitch channel) and while the name was a semi-portmanteau of "Rich" and "witchcraft" I thought it was unbalanced how I was in the name and not Jules. We previous started a small company with a salty-sounding name, so we thought to continue the tradition. (For the record, we live near the ocean, hence the "salt" names.)

The design is a play on the periodic symbol. Sodium is salt, and sodium's chemical symbol is Na. We made it "Nah" instead of "Na" because we say "Nah" a lot. The atomic number for sodium is 11.

This is the logo you'll see on our new website, lowsodiumgames.com, (which is now where penguinslap.com redirects.)

We're launching our kickstarter soon! We'll be posting lots of updates in the coming weeks! Stay tuned to our facebook page, or if that's not your jam... have you joined our email list?


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