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Penguin Personas sneak peek!

We've been working hard on finishing the artwork for the promotional edition of Penguin SLAP! Here's a sneak peek at some of the Penguin Personas and what they do!

In Penguin SLAP! each player can choose a penguin persona that represents them. Each persona gives you different abilities. The personas are loosely based on real penguins. (However, the conspiracy penguin doesn't think all the penguins are ACTUALLY penguins... ...but nobody believes him.)


We are in the middle of upgrading all of the art for our cards! Taking the game at from temp doodles to final more finished illustrations.

While this is happening, we're also constantly playtesting! Everyone that we've played with seems to really like the game, but we're still finding ways to make it more fun and tweaking the balance!

In the meantime, sharing this page is greatly appreciated! The bigger audience we have when we launch our kickstarter, the better. We're also going to be launching a contest to get a some free review copies of the game, so keep an eye out!

Thanks for the support everybody! We're pretty excited!

Welcome to the Official Penguin SLAP developer blog! Here we'll post all information on the game Penguin SLAP as it becomes publicly available!