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What a DAY.

Penguin SLAP! is our first game. Friday we launched our first kickstarter. Saturday was our first time running a booth at a convention.

I have so much more respect for people who run booths at conventions.

Boston FIG was a one-day thing, there's a lot to see, and people get tired after walking around. Each person who passes by might not pass by again, so there's pressure to try and engage every person you can. And there are a lot of people passing by for those eight hours.

After the first hour or so you start to get hoarse, but at least by now you've figured out your sales pitch. A few more hours later your feet get sore, then your back from hunching over the table, then you start to realize you haven't eaten and your stomach is starting to growl. Then a little kid comes over and says "look mommy, penguins!" and you forget everything again.

It was awesome.

We showed our game to tons of people. We had a guestbook for patrons to sign that we forgot about for th…

Setting up for Boston FIG!

Tomorrow is the big day, we're going to be showing our game at Boston FIG Fest 2018! Today was the load in.

We're really excited! We've got art prints, coloring pages, puzzle pages, business cards (featuring the different penguins of course!) as well as the game to demo as people walk by.

We're even going to be part of a kids scavenger hunt, after which we'll be giving away a few copies of the game. :)

We arrived in Boston about a week ago, and we travel pretty lightly, so most everything was acquired here this week. The banner was an online order (gotta give 4imprint a plug here, their service was GREAT!) and we brought the art prints with us, pretty much everything else was either printed or purchased here. (A good amount of which was purchased last night. It's hard to shop when you work full time.

Each booth gets a vote box. Patrons at the convention get two votes to vote for their favorite games. You're encouraged to decorate your box, so we took ours ho…

We settled on a company name.

We're now Low Sodium Games. You shouldn't be so salty, it's a Low Sodium Game.
We previously were called "richCraft," (which was on our old boxart and was the name of our twitch channel) and while the name was a semi-portmanteau of "Rich" and "witchcraft" I thought it was unbalanced how I was in the name and not Jules. We previous started a small company with a salty-sounding name, so we thought to continue the tradition. (For the record, we live near the ocean, hence the "salt" names.)
The design is a play on the periodic symbol. Sodium is salt, and sodium's chemical symbol is Na. We made it "Nah" instead of "Na" because we say "Nah" a lot. The atomic number for sodium is 11.
This is the logo you'll see on our new website,, (which is now where redirects.)
We're launching our kickstarter soon! We'll be posting lots of updates in the coming weeks! Stay tu…