Setting up for Boston FIG!

Tomorrow is the big day, we're going to be showing our game at Boston FIG Fest 2018! Today was the load in.

Setting up the booth.
We're really excited! We've got art prints, coloring pages, puzzle pages, business cards (featuring the different penguins of course!) as well as the game to demo as people walk by.

We're even going to be part of a kids scavenger hunt, after which we'll be giving away a few copies of the game. :)

The booth!

We arrived in Boston about a week ago, and we travel pretty lightly, so most everything was acquired here this week. The banner was an online order (gotta give 4imprint a plug here, their service was GREAT!) and we brought the art prints with us, pretty much everything else was either printed or purchased here. (A good amount of which was purchased last night. It's hard to shop when you work full time.

Each booth gets a vote box. Patrons at the convention get two votes to vote for their favorite games. You're encouraged to decorate your box, so we took ours home and we're "art"ing on it. Yes, it will be "art"ed. But holy wowzers, it's hard to draw or write on this thing. The box itself is right where your hand goes. I'll update later when we're done. Hopefully we can wow the crowd!

It's pretty late here and the convention is early in the AM. If you're in Boston come check us out tomorrow! Good night internet!


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