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The current state of things!

Here's where Penguin SLAP is in it's development!

We're currently doing a "Who's that Penguin?" series on our Facebook page. It features the Penguin Personas from our game in the style of a popular monster-catching franchise from the 90s.

Today we're submitting Penguin SLAP! as an entry for the 2017 Cardboard Edison Award. Submissions are judged based on engagement, originality of theme, and originality of mechanics. To be eligible, the game cannot be available through any retailer or kickstarter before March 2017. Our game mechanics and theme are completely original, let's hope the judges feel engaged playing it!

We've submitted Penguin SLAP! to We're currently waiting for the admins to review our submission before we get indexed on the site.

The Penguin Personas have their own video series!
Each week on our youtube channel we're releasing a speedpaint video that goes through the process of coloring the personas from start to…