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New Card Art!

We've revamped our card art to make the game more visually interesting and easier to understand!

We've added:
- Icons! Some cards (like the Ice Cap above) have icons in the upper left instead of text now.
- Detailed rules! While trying to be as concise as possible, I've put text on every card that resolves all of the common questions playtesters asked while playing.
- Discard Rules! If a card can be discarded to slap, it now says so in an elongated bubble on the bottom of the card.
- Action Banners! Cards now have a banner in the upper left that states if the card is played as an action, reaction, anytime, or as equipment. This helps players know quickly if they can play a reaction when slapped (and when to play cards in general)
- Action Symbols! Green cards now have action symbols that give you an at-a-glance as to what they do. For example, the Old Boot above has a hand of cards with a "+1" letting you know it lets you hold one more card in your hand.
- Ice Cap Desig…