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Penguin SLAP! Fundraiser Dates and Times!

We're getting closer to November and our Extra-Life fundraiser for Shands Children's Hospital! We've been working on organizing and have settled on 3 days where we'll be gaming for 8 hours each.

Friday, Nov 18 (3-11pm) - Indie Card Games, Board Games, and Couch Co-op Games.
Saturday, Nov 19 (1-9pm) - Retro and Competitive Video Games, Mulitplayer Board Games.
Sunday, Nov 20 (1-9pm) - Dungeons and Dragons.

We'll ALSO be playing a round or two of Penguin SLAP! on all three days, so keep an eye out!

On Friday the 18th we're planning on playing games such as Discount Salmon, Coup, Affordable Space Adventures, Pikmin 3, and Nintendoland. If we can get enough people to join in (and the machines for it) I'd also like to try Artemis Space Bridge Simulator.

On Saturday the 19th we'll be hanging out with Original Gamer Stevie Strow and his crew. Stevie is a good friend of ours and does a TON of livestreaming. You can check out his youtube page here and his website here