Card Introductions: The Fishing Rod!

Today I wanted to start a series of posts that focus on some of our "special" cards. Introducing the Fishing Rod!

(I was actually torn between "Fishing Rod" and "Fishing Pole," so I asked our followers on facebook which wording they used. Someone ended up messaging me the difference between the two. A fishing "rod" can be cast, whereas a fishing "pole" does not have a reel and cannot be cast.)

In Penguin SLAP! each player can only catch fish from the "fishing holes" closest to them. Or, more specifically, you can only draw cards from the two draw piles closest to you.

P1 can only draw from those two fishing holes.

So in the above example, P1 can only draw from the two draw piles closest to them. The draw piles on the other side of the table are permanently out of reach. But P1 really, really, wants the green fish on the other side of the table. What's a penguin to do?

ohh, looks like somebody knows!

That's right! You can use a fishing rod to draw one fish from any open fishing hole no matter how far away it is. (Hence using fishing rod instead of pole.) The fishing rod is actually a re-skin and renaming of the +1 card some of our readers might recognize from our earlier playtests.

We added an icon to the corner and some bubbles to the background too. :)

You can even pair the Fishing Rod with the "Extra Bait" card to draw two fish from any open fishing hole. It's a sneaky way to deprive your opponents of fish cards!

ohh, look who's being sneaky.


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